• Deer Placenta Capsule

    This Deer Placenta was extracted and refined using the advanced ultra low temperature double freezing technology by frozen drying and frozen crushing,effectively preserved the nutrition component of the deer placenta.It has been proved through animal function test that this product has health function of anti-aging effect and immune regulation.It can improve the subset’s NK and LAK cells activity, and enhance the vitality of SOD in blood plasma and decrease the content of LPO. Main ingredients: Deer Placenta
    Ingredient and Content: Per 100g:Se ≥ 25 ug Zn ≥5mg
    Health function: Immunity adjustment and ageing deceleration.
    Applications: Middle-aged and frail,people with low immunity.
    Inapplicability: Children.
    Dosage and Method: Twice daily,each time 2~3 capsules,swallow with warm water
    Specification: 400mg/capsule
    Shelf life: 24 monthes
    Storage Method: Sealed,placed in a cool dry place
    Approval Number: WS Zheng Zi(1999)No.013
    Executive Standard: Q/ABGE0001S-2015
    Production Licence: SC1276401060010
    The Consignor: Shanghai Baoshengtang Biological Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
    Address: Xujing Town, lianmin Road, Building 5002,layer 1,Area B,Room 3,Shanghai,China
    The Consignee: Yinchuan Yibaisheng Muslem Food Co., Ltd.
    Address: Kangdi Road 148#,Jinfeng District Industrial Park,Yinchuan,China.
    Tel: +86 951 5660889
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